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Dr Lucy Davis

Dr Lucy Davis

Tim May/Lucy Davis BDS Manchester General Dentist (2002) GDC no. 80486

In late 2019 Tim May had decided to retire, Carly Parker our Practice Manageress introduced us all to one of her favourite Dentists ,Lucy Davis. Lucy is endorsed by Tim May and will be overseeing our general dentistry for the future.

Having qualified from Manchester Dental School over 18 years ago, Lucy has a broad postgraduate in restorative dentistry whilst working in the South West.

Lucy particularly enjoys helping anxious patients overcome personal barriers to receiving dental treatment and in turn, giving people back their confidence in their smile and comfort, this will always help every area of your life.

Lucy believes in a personal relationship with a patient, this to her provides ultimate care and takes time to ensure anxiety and pain free dentistry is at the top of her care plan and risk analysis for each and every patient she takes over from Tim May. For those who choose to follow her to this practice we would love to welcome you to our team and our Dental Multidisciplinary Approach.

Furthermore, Lucy has trained in Facial Aesthetics under the Guidance of Dr Bob Khanna, this has enabled her to gain extensive experience in softening treatments and dermal fillers.

Tim May after working in the profession for 43 years, has left a legacy of warmth and enthusiasm in the our team. He welcomed Lucy personally to ensure his good old friends who have seen him for years are looked after by her with his level of care.

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