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Cosmetic makeovers

Creating works of art

At Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios, we have two priorities that go hand in hand: putting patient care first at all times and ensuring that our patients leave us with revitalised, always natural-looking smiles.

That’s what cosmetic dentistry is all about – giving you the smile you desire; the smile you deserve. A person’s smile says so much about them, but it is also a powerful facilitator of bringing out someone’s true personality: a smile brings confidence, happiness, and comfort. These qualities should never be underestimated.

Feeling comfortable when you smile is not just desirable – it’s essential to a person’s overall well-being. But for many people it can seem like a pipedream. Here at ICDS, we offer a range of treatments to make that dream a reality. From teeth whitening where even just two or three shades can make a world of difference, to full-mouth rehabilitation with beautifully-created teeth, the artists at ICDS are committed to putting smiles back on our patients’ faces, restoring confidence as well as function.

Indeed, we view dentistry as an art form. Our clinical team has many years’ combined experience in cosmetic dentistry, while our technical team brings levels of artistic wonder that’ll amaze you. Our dental technicians blend traditional techniques with state-of-the-art technology to create such incredibly life-like artificial teeth that are barely, if at all, distinguishable from the real thing.

Ultimately, we work together with our patients to make sure they leave happy, satisfied, and smiling – in some cases achieving all of that in just one day! If that desire brought you here, you’re in the right place. Here are some of the wide range of treatments we can offer you:

  • Veneers – if your front teeth are chipped or cracked, stained or otherwise unsightly, we can create veneers that are designed to match your natural dentition and to look good as new. Essentially, they are attached to your teeth and then blended in so no one would even know they are there: instant smile transformation!
  • White fillings – amalgam (silvery) fillings can create a sense of disharmony in the otherwise white mouth, not to mention the strange taste they can leave or the health concerns, so at ICDS we prefer to use white fillings. Again, with white fillings we can ensure a shade match to your other teeth and most importantly perhaps, make sure we get your bite right. Beautiful aesthetics and restored function are essential for you, and for us too.
  • Crowns – when teeth are badly damaged, rotten or have been root-treated, the best solution is usually to crown them. We prepare the tooth – a painless procedure with anaesthetic – and then our technical team creates a work of art that matches your shade and bite. Once the dentist has fixed the crown into place, the transformation is amazing.
  • Inlays and onlays – where teeth may require minor repairs greater than a filling but not enough to warrant a crown, we use these. While an inlay sits within the top of the tooth and strengthens it from within, the onlay extends over the top. In both cases we use materials that will last a lifetime, and always to match your existing dentition with a focus on keeping your function balanced.
  • Bridges and implants – where several adjacent teeth need crowns, at ICDS we use our exclusive All-on-4ever system. What is known as a fixed full-arch restoration utilises just four dental implants which are tilted in such a way as to negate the need for time-consuming and costly bone grafting. The teeth are crowned to match your requirements. With this system, not only will you get a gleaming white new smile, your function will improve too. Crowns and bridges, and especially our All-on-4evers, are much more comfortable and long-lasting alternatives to dentures.
  • Teeth whitening/bleaching – often a smile can be transformed by just lightening the teeth by one or two shades. At ICDS we offer a comprehensive and cost-effective treatment process which will leave you with the confidence to smile all day long. Find out about our wedding party package as well as our home maintenance programmes.
  • Overbite and underbite correction – when your teeth don’t meet properly and your bite is off, it can cause headaches as well as other problems with the jaws. It’s time to say goodbye to all of that!

At Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios, we can help to bring the balance back to your mouth and increase the aesthetic appeal of your smile while improving function too. Please explore our site to see more detail on the many ways we can help you turn your dreams into reality.