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Corona Virus

Corona Virus Protocol for your and the teams protection

The Practice is having a Deep Clean to ensure we can start clear of Covid-19 for the 25TH March from historic activity


As of Wednesday the 25th  March, till further notice

  1. We have an emergency service our patients but are deep cleaning 24th March
  2. Keep all your belonging locked in your car, no jackets or wolly jumpers
  3. We are asking all patients to stay in their car directly outside the practice, there is plenty of onsite parking we will call you when the previous patient has left
  4. Can we encourage all local patients to not use our public facilities, if you do ask for gloves and a mask; we will not be serving beverages during this time
  5. All door handles and reception area will be disinfected in between patients coming and leaving the building
  6. Anyone wishing to pay by BACs prior to their appointment or by telephone is welcomed; failing this, the card machine is cleaned just prior to you entering your pin
  7. Please share this with any friend who may need an emergency appointment
  8. We accept emergency denture repairs by post
  9. Any new patients welcome




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If you are concerned or you have travelled abroad please call:

01285 821220 / 821386

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