Here at Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios, we are all about the teeth, but maybe in a different way from any other dentist in Gloucester. Dental practices are usually owned by one or more dentists. Here we are owned by our master technician, TJ Nicolas, who has been making replacement teeth and prosthetics for more than 30 years.

Dentist in GloucesterBeing led by the finished product rather than the treatment can put an interesting twist on things when you come to visit this dentist in Gloucester. We focus on replacing teeth, along with general dentistry. If you look at our treatments you will see we are the ideal practice for older adults who are looking to get teeth replaced with dental implants.

Our dentists, Mr Tim May, Dr Bita Craig, Dr Vasile Pana and Dr Massimo Giovarruscio, Jim Toms and Dr Sarah Dehdashty are all skilled in aspects of dentistry that relate more to the older patient. That means we have lots of dental surgeons, as well as dentists that can treat gum disease.

As you get older, your dental needs change. They move from preventing decay and straightening teeth, to preserving teeth, dealing with gum disease and replacing lost teeth as well as preserving those that have suffered over time.

Losing teeth

When you come to us as a dentist in Gloucester concerned with replacement teeth, it is not unusual for there to be more going on than just teeth falling out. Often, we also have to remove other failing teeth and deal with advanced gum disease before we can replace lost teeth.

Dental implants

When we do, we find that dental implants are the best solution. These are fixed into the jawbone, where the biocompatible titanium causes the bone to grow new tissues around the implant to hold it securely in place. This process can take a few months to complete. The implants are then fitted with crowns made by TJ and his team and will be indistinguishable from your natural teeth. We can use old photos to recreate your smile if you have lost all your teeth. Dental implants give you back full functionality and are easy to take care of.