Did you know that about 13% of people are so scared of going for dental treatment that their fear levels can be classified as phobic? That’s a lot of people. Maybe you are one of them. How do you feel when you think about going to the dentist in Gloucester? What is the image that pops into your mind and gets your palms sweating and your heart beating a bit too fast?

Dentist in GloucesterMaybe it’s the sounds of the drills, that’s pretty common. Or could it be the needles? Or did you have a heavy-handed dentist who caused you pain in the past? Or maybe you inherited a parent’s fear of the dentist. Whatever the cause, at Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios, we want to transform your associations of visiting the dentist in Gloucester from ones of fear and anxiety, to ones of feeling relaxed and well cared for.

A dentist in Gloucester’s countryside

Being in a rural environment can immediately start to relax you, and you will love coming to our dental practice in a converted barn on a Cotswolds country estate. You may even want to build a day out round your dental treatment.

We love to listen

One thing that raises anxiety levels is the feeling of not being listened to. So, when you come to us, every member of the team will do their best to get to know you. You won’t just be another set of teeth. Our head clinician, Tim May, has made a point of working with nervous patients for more than 30 years, way before training in nervous patients became the norm, so with us, you will be in very, very safe hands.

We will make sure your needs are met and will be very happy to answer all your questions, even if you need to be reassured several times over. Some of the treatments here can be quite daunting, and often it will be your first time receiving them. We can offer you sedation to help you thoroughly relax through treatments, and, if you need a wee break, you can have a rest tucked under a blanket with a pillow.