Natural teeth deal with so much during a busy day. They come together in eating, talking, smiling, laughing and during stress hundreds and hundreds of times. They never really stop working and it’s only when they fall out or have to be removed that we perhaps appreciate how much they do for us, and how difficult they can be to reliably replace.

Dental Implants in GloucesterWell, that used to be the case anyhow, but not since the advent of dental implants in Gloucester. At the Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios in the countryside outside the city, we have amassed a great deal of skill and knowledge in placing dental implants in Gloucester.

The difference between dental implants and other replacement methods such as bridges and dentures is that dental implants are fitted into the jawbone, where they integrate with the bone tissue to provide a strong and stable platform for single crowns, bridges and even dentures.

Easy to use

People who replace their teeth with dental implants continue to be able to enjoy eating whatever they like, and do not have to worry about their teeth letting them down by sliding around in their mouths or even, heaven forbid, falling out.

Easy to maintain

Dental implants can last for at least 15 years, possibly decades as long as you take good care of them by following a diligent dental care routine to keep plaque at bay. Plaque is the enemy of implants because it causes gum disease, which can eat away at gums and bone and loosen the implants. Careful brushing twice a day, regular flossing and trips to the hygienist can keep gum disease at bay.

Easy to fit?

We fit dental implants in Gloucester under local anaesthetic and we can put in the crowns and posts in just one day, which can be better for your gums. You will still have to go through a healing period of up to six months before you will be able to chew properly on your new teeth. If your dentist has told you that you can’t have dental implants, come and see us before you give up hope.