Besides their aesthetic appeal, dental implants have several health advantages over other tooth replacement options. Maybe this is one of the reasons why dental implants in Gloucester have increased in popularity over recent years. Complex dental health issues can be the harmful result if missing teeth are left unreplaced. Surrounding teeth and gums can be affected and dental implants are designed in a way that can help reduce any further damage or deterioration. They are a permanent fixture, which means they work in unison with the jawbone, restoring and maintaining dental health.

Dental Implants in GloucesterThe procedure for dental implants is available at many dental practices such as Implant and Ceramic Dental Studios in Gloucester. Dental implants can be the perfect restoration for a completely new natural-looking smile.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are tiny little screws that are inserted into the jawbone. This may sound daunting but with advanced technology and equipment, this is quite a simple procedure. Sedation will be offered if required. The screws are made out of a substance called titanium, compatible with the human body and which fuses perfectly with the jawbone. This fusion provides a secure foundation for the replacement tooth, teeth or if necessary, the entire arch. Dental implants have a completely natural appearance and since they are integrated to the mouth they feel and function just like natural teeth.

What are the benefits of dental implants

The benefits in choosing to have dental implants over other tooth restoration procedures is limitless. Besides looking and feeling like natural teeth, they are just as easy to clean and maintain as natural teeth are. No fussing or removing. Dental implants have important medical benefits as well. Patients with missing teeth and gaps between their teeth are at higher risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and infection. Restoring a full smile can lower that risk.

Dental implants are the only replacement procedure that integrates with the jawbone, consequently encouraging the growth of new bone and preventing deterioration. They can also prevent the sign of premature ageing as missing teeth in some cases can cause the face to appear to collapse.