The ICDS ethos and our trusted process for safe Amalgam removal

The ICDS Holistic ethos

At ICDS we believe that dentistry should be delivered with a holistic viewpoint.  Holistic is a Greek term that means relating to the ‘whole’.  We believe therefore that the mouth is not disconnected from the rest of the body and as such anything we do in the mouth has the potential to affect the rest of the body.  Our treatments and the equipment we use are of the highest standard and fully complicit with best practice guidelines in holistic, biological dentistry.

Safe amalgam replacement treatment and the NHS

Almost half of amalgam is made of mercury, and the rest is made up of other types of metals, including silver and tin.  Many dentists choose to use amalgam because it is one of the strongest, cheapest and longest-lasting filling solutions.  Currently the NHS will not cover the cost of filling back teeth with any other solution.  This has serious implications – amalgam metals have been linked to serious health problems such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, kidney and brain damage. Because of these factors NHS patients and those whose private practices do not offer a complete holistic service are turning to specialists who can deliver on all counts.

Critical factors in safe mercury amalgam removal and replacement

Patients who are considering the above are advised to take time to research how it will be done and by whom – there are risks, the greatest of which is the risk of mercury exposure when the amalgam fillings are removed.  Mercury fumes are very light and will move with negative air flow.

At ICDS we offer the most protective, holistic protocols to all our patients for this treatment:

  • Pre-treatment advice on supplements, dietary advice and homeopathic remedies to ensure optimum health before removal.
  • A pre-treatment special formula protective mouthwash.
  • In treatment, we use Clean Up Tips – greatly preferable to mercury trapping rubber dams.**
  • Also in treatment we use a very powerful air filter, the IQ Air Flex Vac, to ensure effective mercury vapour removal from the patient’s mouth.**
  • All patients have an independent, clean air supply.
  • Fillings are cut carefully into chunks to minimise mercury release.
  • Same day ceramic reconstructions for newly mercury free teeth.
  • Homeopathics are used to reduce post-op pain and to increase patient comfort during the process.
  • Charcoal is used to line the mouth during amalgam removal.

How the best equipment can further minimise risks **

The Clean Up Tip – fits directly around the tooth

Clean Up Tips: As mentioned above we use Clean Up Tips which are much more effective in providing continuous evacuation whilst also protecting the patient’s cheek and tongue.

Handle fits directly around the tooth providing continuous evacuation with greater cheek and tongue protection. Swivel nozzle for one-time use to be placed around the tooth.

**IQ Air Flex Vac: As clinicians, we must be empathic towards our patients’ concerns and so we have chosen to use the IQ Air Flex Vac as part of our amalgam removal process. Being aware that mercury is liberated into the air when the drill cuts amalgam fillings and both patients and staff could breathe in this harmful vapour, we have invested in the IQ Air Flex Vac to eradicate this risk.  The Flex Vac works like a big vacuum and has a flexible pipe which is positioned as close as possible to the patient’s mouth during treatment.  The suction system draws air through the pipe – this evacuates mercury vapour.  This gives patients and staff alike the reassurance that their care is our number one priority.