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Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios
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A certain kind of excellence is achieved only when a dental practice and multi-level laboratory work together from the same site.

Welcome to the Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios – a leading dental laboratory of excellence and dental practice, led by a team of specialists there to cater for you outside of your normal dental experience.

Why is a multidisciplinary approach important?

A multidisciplinary team approach involving our 12 professionals with their own expertise this is important in attaining an optimal treatments. A multidisciplinary approach may reduce costs, decrease length of treatment, increase longevity and result in more sustainable treatments, improving compliance, and reducing long-term failure including improving aesthetics and function.

Our facility is a delightful destination venue – a barn conversion discreetly tucked away in the quaint Cotswold village and private estate of Miserden, 9.6 miles from the town of Cirencester.

At ICDS, faultless communication between patients and our clinicians, as well as the laboratory, ensures a positive and beneficial journey through comprehensive diagnosis, giving you treatment alternatives so you get to choose what’s best for you- from an holistic approach.

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Our clinicians have impeccable reputations as some of the best and most experienced in the country, acquired from across the world and Harley Street, London. The space we have in our multi-level practice and laboratory is what gives us our exclusivity, differing from other dental practices.

We give our uninterrupted time to inform and provide you, as our patients, a real choice about your treatment. We are able to provide you with all potential solutions to the problems you may be having, giving you the ultimate choice of what treatment will work for you. Relaxation during the treatment process is a priority.

We have worked hard to win multiple awards, as well as European accreditation and we are proud to offer the best possible outcomes in restoring your smile and confidence. We are able to offer a prompt treatment plan with a clear timeline tailored for you. To hear what our patients have to say, read our patient testimonials.

Our goal is to offer you the most supportive and cost-effective treatment with the fewest procedures providing you with the best experience you will have in dentistry.

Other neighbouring towns and cities include Gloucester, Cheltenham and Stroud, making us convenient to most of The Cotswolds.

All forms of dentistry from implant treatments to orthodontics and headache solutions are available. Our latest addition is our facial aesthetics team, to compliment your smile.

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Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios

Opening Times: 8am – 8pm
Weekend appointments are available.

Your New Smile Is Just A Click Away!

Broken or missing teeth. Poorly coloured crowns. Denture decay. Cosmetic concerns.

0% finance, extended guarantees and implant and accident insurance are all offered for patient support and peace of mind.

We provide time to educate and give patients a real choice about their treatment. Relaxation during the treatment process is a priority. All forms of dentistry from implant treatments to orthodontics and headache solutions are available. 0% finance, extended guarantees and implant insurance are all offered for patient support and peace of mind.

6 Front Crowns, 4 Back Veneers, concentrating  on tooth Preservation, Healing the Jaw Joint 

1. Before


This patient had her teeth crowned twice in the last decade with a different practice, she was not happy. The crowns were dense and bulky. She had a functional assessment and using diagnostics and temporaries she could take part in the design of her teeth.

The patients gum line was adjusted, she had all ceramic crowns fitted and decided to also veneer her posterior teeth.

Vasile Pana and the Technical Team

5 Front Top Veneers as you can see the gums were very inflamed , so needed hygienist first 

2. Before


This patient had periodontal disease, he had to improve his gum health with regular hygienist visits before we could proceed with any cosmetic treatment.

After non-invasive preparation of his teeth, the patient had five all ceramic veneers fitted with our Same Day Treatment option.

Visiting Dentist and the Technical Team

Grey Gums from Grey Root Canals and Metal Crowns Covered in Old Porcelain

3. Before


This patients’ right central incisor was failing, and he was going to lose the tooth. The patient decided to have a Same Day Implant placed as well as to change two of his old crowns. The aim was to achieve a healthier, more natural appearance as well as to reduce the grey colour to his gum caused by metal bonded restorations.

One implant and two all ceramic crowns placed on the same day.

Visiting Dentist and the Technical Team

Holistic Removal of Amalgams and New Four New Front Veneer Ceramic Crowns

4. Before


The patients’ anterior teeth were mismatched in colour and the shape made her appear older.

She had her four front teeth crowned with all ceramic restorations to match her remaining teeth and the change would be so subtle that only she would notice it and was comfortable.

Tim May and the Technical Team

Few people can say that a visit to a new dental practice changes their life, but in my case this is true. I first visited the Implant and Ceramic Dental Studios in Miserden, Gloucestershire, for a dental check-up. On that day I was in extreme pain and suffering from severe migraine. It was not an option to reschedule my appointment as I had migraines almost every day and my life is completely blighted by them. Apart from terrible headaches, I also suffered with toothache, earache and intense jaw pain during an attack. To cut a long story short, I have been treated by this practice over two years; there have been several stages to my treatment which included adapting a tanner appliance to work with my particular dental peculiarities in order to create the correct bite.

Each stage has been carefully monitored to ensure that I do not suffer severe migraine. My treatment is still continuing, but Im delighted to say that my migraines are greatly reduced in number and severity and Ive been able to resume work and painting again. I would have no hesitation in recommending friends who have a migraine as I know it is extremely difficult to find dental professionals with their knowledge and dedication to their profession and patience.

They are situated in a beautiful old estate barn and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming with a knowledgeable and extremely conscientious professional team. The practice has obviously invested heavily in technical equipment to assist with the diagnostic procedures and to ensure that the high-class quality of their work is maintained.

Thank you again.

Marilyn Gough