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Welcome to the Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios – a leading dental laboratory of excellence and dental practice, led by a team of specialists there to cater for you outside of your normal dental experience.

February 2022

We are accepting new patients. High end dentistry at affordable prices during these challenging times.

Dental plans available from as little as £17 per month and children from £3 per month to cover your routine appointments.

Call the practice and book your first consultation today 01285 821220.

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Dental Practices are struggling to see the high volume of patients left untreated during the Corona breakout!

There is also a limited number of patients dentists are able to see per day for the foreseeable future and dental work carried out will be limited. Struggling to see a dentist? Need advice? Why not visit All About Teeth, where a panel of dental professionals is waiting to help you online!

Established 1997

Onsite Laboratory for that Finishing Touch, ” You cannot be a Michelin Star Restaurant  when you post your order to the kitchen ” Simple!

Why is a multidisciplinary approach important?

We have a multidisciplinary team approach involving our 12 professionals with their own expertise. This is so important in attaining an optimal treatment for you and your oral needs. This will reduce costs with key dental maintenance, decrease length of treatment, increase longevity and result in more sustainable treatments, improving compliance, and reducing long-term failure, including improving aesthetics and function.

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Our facility is a delightful destination venue – our barn conversion is discreetly tucked away in the quaint Cotswold village and private country estate of Misarden Park in Miserden, 9.6 miles from the town of Cirencester,Stroud,Gloucester and Cheltenham…… far away from the many,naturally reducing cross infection potential.We have easy access, free parking directly outside.

We have a “clean your hand policy in place”Coronavirus

If you have left the country and feel unwell and would encourage you not to come in for your appointment. Please call NHS 111 if you have any concerns. If you are high risk, we can organise an emergency after hours appointment for you taking the needed precautions, we are here to help in dental emergencies, we may even organise a home visit in extreme dental pain.

We have a side room for anyone worried or concerned about being isolated, Please ask at reception.

At ICDS, faultless communication between patients and our clinicians, as well as the laboratory, ensures a positive and beneficial journey through comprehensive diagnosis, giving you treatment alternatives so you get to choose what’s best for you- from an holistic, functional, and biological approach.

To book your complementary initial meeting please click here.

Our clinicians have impeccable reputations as some of the best and most experienced in the country, acquired from across the world and Harley Street, London. The space we have in our multi-level practice and laboratory is what gives us our exclusivity, differing from other dental practices.

We give our uninterrupted time to inform and provide you, as our patients, a real choice about your treatment. We are able to provide you with all potential solutions to the problems you may be having, giving you the ultimate choice of what treatment will work for you. Relaxation during the treatment process is a priority.

We have worked hard to win multiple awards, as well as European accreditation and we are proud to offer the best possible outcomes in restoring your smile and confidence. We are able to offer a prompt treatment plan with a clear timeline tailored for you. To hear what our patients have to say, read our patient testimonials.

Our goal is to offer you the most supportive and cost-effective treatment with the fewest procedures providing you with the best experience you will have in dentistry.

Other neighbouring towns and cities include Gloucester, Cheltenham and Stroud, making us convenient to most of The Cotswolds.

All forms of dentistry from implant treatments to orthodontics and headache solutions are available. Our latest addition is our facial aesthetics team, to compliment your smile.

Quality dentistry is comprehensive, taking your jaw joints into account.

My face My body Awards Winner Ceramiccentre Miserden Dentist Teeth Gloucestershire

IQoro® – for adults  something interesting feb 2020.

Our NEW 3Shape E4 Scanner

3Shape E4 has an accuracy of 4 microns, therefore provides a superb fit of dental restorations.

Would you like to find out if you’re a good candidate for dental implants?

Replace old smelly cracking, acrylic All-on-4 upper and lower bridges.

  • Made in ceramic or forever metal bridge with composites
  • Price all-inclusive starting at £5000 per arch
  • All made in the UK with a 5-year warranty
  • No patient downtime without teeth

Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios

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Weekend appointments by arrangement.

Warning issued by dentist against ‘Turkey teeth’


  Posted by: The Probe      7th August 2019

One of the UK’s top cosmetic dentists is warning people against travelling abroad in the hope of a cheap fix after seeing a huge rise in ‘Turkey teeth.’

Dr Ken Harris, is urging people to think twice before agreeing to bargain price veneers, which can cause a huge amount of damage to teeth.

“We have seen a number of people who have gone to Turkey and then decided to have their teeth done, or booked a travel package which includes some kind of cosmetic treatment,” said Dr Harris.

“The results in some cases have been horrendous. The teeth are ground down to virtually nothing and then in some cases it is crowns, not veneers, which are being fitted and then the patient comes home and realises how many problems they now have.”

Dr Harris is also concerned at the “assembly line” approach of some clinics, where people are literally in and out in a few hours.

“To get this kind of treatment done takes time if it is done right,” he said. “It’s impossible for veneers to be fitted in a few hours and this is why people find they need a huge amount of work done to have them corrected, although in some cases their teeth are completely ruined.”

He advises anyone thinking about travelling for this kind of treatment to get proper advice and do their research before making the decision.

“While it may seem a very good deal, in the long run it can set people up for problems that they might never recover from,” said Dr Harris.

Dr Harris (BDS, MFGDP, FFGDP RCS (Eng), MSc Restorative and Aesthetic dentistry) one of only two Fellows of the British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (BACD) and a regular lecturer to dentists around the globe.

He is recognised as one of the leaders in the field of cosmetic dentistry, often being brought in by other practices to handle complex cases.

The strong team at Riveredge includes Dr Richard Coates BDS (UNcle) Pg Dip CID, who chairs The North East Private Dentists group, is a long standing member of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and holds a diploma in implantology from Newcastle University.

Implants with Roger Moore

Anxious Patients


Accountability from one Team

Before & After Examples

For 2020 we would like to introduce some of our results we are proud to show you of what we are able to achieve with close patient participation as a dental team.


Ceramic Crowns dentist-near-you-implant-ceramic-dental-studios


all ceramic crowns Dentist Miserden colour match

Case 1 – Replacement of 3 crowns with full ceramic crowns

The challenge with this case is to hide dead discoloured teeth so that we can use full ceramic natural looking crowns with a perfect colour match, this way we do not need to over treat a patient to deliver confidence, usually we find patients do not want to have all their teeth compromised by crowning and veneering everything, our solution here was to change the metal bonded crowns to match what is nice in the mouth with an emphasis on being natural.


before crowns makeover Dentist near me Miserden


after full mouth crowns all ceramic all equilibrated happy ICDS Miserden

Case 2 – Full Mouth Rehabilitation with TMJ Therapy

This patient had gone to a dentist and was sold many white fillings with no consideration for his bite leading to pain. After many hours and assessment we finally got there, this patient really wanted his look to be strong in his eyeteeth but still all look new and healthy after many months we have achieved this and this patient was frustrated due to his final comfort as he was eating anything! In addition, smiling at everything the first photo was 10 years before.




smile makeover after dentist-near-you-implant-ceramic-dental-studios

Case 3 – Full Mouth Rehabilitation, 24 teeth

This patient was concerned about having an implant on her right upper lateral tooth. All her teeth were chipping and breaking, we found her bite was out and therefore caused the tooth wear. After TMJ therapy and healing, we were able to rectify what has been wrong with her bite. We only added white fillings onto the lower teeth and re-crowned the upper teeth with a bridge for the right hand side to make her teeth look natural and real again, this patient no longer has any of her facial pain and is so happy.

‘Just completed my treatment!
Love my new smile!!! AMAZING!
Thank you all – especially TJ & Vasile’


chipped tooth before veneers dentist Miserden Stroud


after veneers dentist Miserden Stroud Cheltenham

Case 4 – 4 Front Veneers

This patient was not sure how she wanted her teeth to look, she did not want full crowns and did not want it to look too white, but natural. Letting all the light through to all her natural colour, we decided to make very thin shells of glass and not trim anything underneath so we had to make them slightly bigger, this is what she wanted, and they made her smile look very natural and healthy.


before make over dentist Gloucestershire Miserden Cotswold Case Study


whole mouth makeover case study cotswold ceramiccentre dentist near me gloucestershire cheltenham gloucester

Case 5 – Full Mouth Rehabilitation with 2 Implants

This patient was sure her teeth were fine; she had attended all her NHS appointments over the years religiously. On arriving at our practice after a full biological and functional assessment we call a Dental MOT, at close inspection the damage could be reversed but it needed to be comprehensive. Two implants, infection removal and all teeth being restored to the right bite, we managed to save them. This patient is now dentally sound and over the moon, we used the latest in natural ceramics and made her teeth look 20 years younger.



Case 6 – Removal gum slip

This Case Study shows a patient with a lot of recession around the implants, it demonstrates how unsightly gum or here implants can be hidden using a custom made removable gum prosthetic.

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    Few people can say that a visit to a new dental practice changes their life, but in my case this is true. I first visited the Implant and Ceramic Dental Studios in Miserden, Gloucestershire, for a dental check-up. On that day I was in extreme pain and suffering from severe migraine. It was not an option to reschedule my appointment as I had migraines almost every day and my life is completely blighted by them. Apart from terrible headaches, I also suffered with toothache, earache and intense jaw pain during an attack. To cut a long story short, I have been treated by this practice over two years; there have been several stages to my treatment which included adapting a tanner appliance to work with my particular dental peculiarities in order to create the correct bite.

    Each stage has been carefully monitored to ensure that I do not suffer severe migraine. My treatment is still continuing, but Im delighted to say that my migraines are greatly reduced in number and severity and Ive been able to resume work and painting again. I would have no hesitation in recommending friends who have a migraine as I know it is extremely difficult to find dental professionals with their knowledge and dedication to their profession and patience.

    They are situated in a beautiful old estate barn and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming with a knowledgeable and extremely conscientious professional team. The practice has obviously invested heavily in technical equipment to assist with the diagnostic procedures and to ensure that the high-class quality of their work is maintained.

    Thank you again.

    Marilyn Gough


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