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advanced dental restoration and smile design with on-site award-winning lab

New Teeth - Same Day:

Rapid turnaround with our on-site lab and latest equipment. Same day services include:

Crowns in an hour - designed and made while you wait to your personal satisfaction
dental implants in a morning or afternoon - complete with pre-loaded ceramic teeth
all on four in a day - high quality, custom made bridges on four fixings, fitted by our dental implantologist
bespoke, minimally invasive composite teeth veneers in a day for cosmetic dentistry results

The most advanced dental technology at its best:

No repeat appointments, saving months of treatment and discomfort. Instant results with faster healing, so you get your life back sooner.

Excellent patient satisfaction, feedback and reviews:

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Award winning facilities and team:

Finalist and runners-up laboratory of the year for 2012.  Torjus Baalack finalist and runner-up Dentist of the Year for the South of England 2012. Nominated for MyFaceMyBody Awards 2013

high tech dental and cosmetic dentistry services

transforming teeth with the latest technology and techniques...

...pain free, caring dentistry for beautiful results


awards finalist

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