Fees & Finance

Members FeeNon Members Fee
World Wide Dental Accident and Emergency insurance whilst away from home IncludedN/A
Informal Treatment Consultation with one of our treatment co-ordination team or Head Technician to discuss your dentistry goals and options, face to face or over the phone on 01285 821 220£0£0
Diagnostic Treatment
Treatment consultation with a qualified Clinician and full written plan, which includes; a comprehensive clinical, functional, aesthetic, cosmetic, and bite assessment plus medical check and treatment options 1 Included with Oral & Platinum Plan£150
New patient dental health assessment & examinationIncluded£65
Routine dental check & examinationIncluded£45
Small X-RaysIncluded£17
OPG Large X-Rays for all over viewIncluded£42
Emergency 20 minute visit excluding treatment costIncluded£75
Reopen clinic out of hours excluding treatment cost£135£150
Tension Headache, Jaw Clenching or Grinding with possible life changing results bite assessment excluding treatment cost£180From £200
Full Occlusion Treatment From £405From £450
Care and Clean : Initial appointment with hygiene therapist

Book via as a patient or not (Direct Access)
First Appointment: 45minutes
Regular Treatment: 30minutes
2 Included Oral Health Plan

4 Included Platinum Plan
Oral care education sessionIncluded£10
Pocket chart & indices£71£79
Fissure Sealant per tooth£23£28
Hygienist Packages
Friend & Family Two appointments togetherIncluded£122 from £150
Saturday Family Package family of 4 or more-20%-15%
Pre Wedding Package on a Saturday get photograph ready to include Whitening POAPOA
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening with Home Trays-50%£350
Top Up Trays with 4 syringes £135£150
Top up Trays with 8 syringes£216£240
Initial Consultation redeemable against home tray and first whitening £50£50
Friend & Family Package Home Whitening for 2 people£522£580
Wedding Whitening Packages available POAPOA
Small Fillings for Adults £84£95
Medium/Large Fillings for Adults and Child£135£150
Children under 12 any size filling £61£68
Root Canal
Emergency Pain Relief appointment - Root Canal£90£99
Front Teeth£495£550
Side Teeth (Premolar)£535£594
Back Teeth (Molar)£630£700
Apical  Deep rooted infecting removal, only performed by expert dentists likely to be required if teeth has had previous root canal treatment£880£1110
Crown & Bridge Work Same Day Services are available as our award winning laboratory is on site this means adjustments are made until you are entirely happy and the quality of crowns are of the highest standard
Porcelain Crown£612£690
Cerec Crown£801£890
Porcelain Bonded Bridge Per Tooth£585£650
Re- Cement Crown£60£67
Veneer £711£790
Laboratory shades & photos £69£77
Surgical Treatment
Implants – An investment for life Same Day Treatments are available and have significant benefits. Clinicians and Head Technicians from our award winning laboratory prepare and synergistically work for the best possible results and all in one day. The most advanced systems are used. 5 year guarantee available. Implant insurance available. Please note crown costs may vary.
Single Tooth Implant to include Crown From £2,600
Two Teeth Single Implant From £4,800
Three Teeth on single bridge on two implantsFrom £7,800
Front Lower Denture for new replacement set of front teeth on two implantsFrom £5,000
Front Top Teeth new replacement set of front teeth bridge, palate free From £12,000
All-on-4ever – A lifetime of every tooth exactly as you want it
Same Day Treatments are available and have significant benefits. Guarantees are available, Ask about soft tissue work and bone grafting
Top or Lower Teeth replacement a full set on four implants (up to six)From £11,000
Cosmetic Dental Treatments – Investing in your Confidence
Cosmetic Improvement MakeoverFrom £378From £420
Post Invisalign and temporary brace correction treatment assessment & plan excluding treatment£70£77
Gum re-contouring (fee is time dependent)Expected £389 Expected £435
Cosmetic contouring of teeth to look the best they can (fee is time dependent) Expected £150Expected £178
Mouth Guards£40£45
Six Exceptional and Bespoke Front Veneers or CrownsFrom £3,600From £4,000
Life Changing Headache, Migraine, Anxiety, Grinding and Jaw Clenching Solutions

Bruxism and TMJ is acknowledged and treated by only around 5% of dentists
Occlusion Assessment- and minor alterations ( this maybe all that is required) £108£120
Acrylic Bite Raiser for perfecting the positioning (one or up to five may be required)£108£120
Tanner Appliance£252£280
Face Bow Reading£117£130
Anterior Bite Jig £54£60
Adjustments to bite per half an hour£135£150
TScan Report & Explanation Included£36
Sports mouth guard£91£102
Bite Raiser appliance for grinding prevention£108£120
Acrylic Splint to counter grinding£448£497
Side Teeth (Premolar)£540£600
Back Teeth (Molar)£612£680
Apical Root Canal - Deep rooted infection£810£900
Laboratory made gold post and core, bespoke to specialist sites £378£420
Dentures Some of the top quality dentures in the UK created with the most innovative technology available. Same Day Treatments available expect a 20% increase in fee on those below
Full upper or lower acrylic£630£700
Full upper and Lower £1,260£1,400
Partial Acrylic Denture£504£560
Partial Chrome Denture£693£770
Repair Denture (in an hour if possible) £36£40
Anaesthetic & Sedation
IV sedation per hour for implants£340£340
Local anaestheticIncluded
Prescription sedativesIncluded
Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery Consultation-Twice a month Vik Vidj well known for Channel 4 series the Beauty Guru visits our estate Barn Studios for consultations for surgery facial athletics POA
Consultation with Vik Vidj MB BS, FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Ed), FRCS (Plast)
The Beauty Guru Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery

Please note

There are upper limitations on certain treatments that are included in each plan. See Terms and Conditions for specifics. These prices are a guide only as they may vary due to complexity of your treatment.

Payments and finance

We work closely with our patients to create payment plans that suit their needs. Your treatment co-ordinator will be able to discuss the options with you. For example:

Hygienist appointments and head clinician consultation fees are to be paid at time of booking over the phone (BACS is an option).

All other fees are to be paid at the end of each visit.

For larger treatments

Option 1

Pay in full at the beginning of your treatment to receive a 3% reduction on the overall fee.

Option 2

Spread the payments interest-free over 10 months with our Dental Finance Plan; 14 days will be required between credit check and treatment, unless a fully refundable deposit is paid.

Option 3

Pay 50% at the beginning of your treatment and 50% at completion.

Option 4

The team creates a plan with you that fits around the timing of your treatment.

We accept all major credit and debit cards: debit card payments are processed free of charge, but for credit card payments there is a 2% charge.


Consultation fees are fully refundable should you change or cancel your appointment, as long as a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is given prior to the appointment date.