Benefits of an on-site laboratory with Master Technicians

What are the benefits of our laboratory to your practice?

  • Upgrade your services by offering our products
  • Create a high-end revenue stream
  • Guarantee best quality with all certified brands
  • Essential imagery given of all the Vita-accredited technology and enemic crown systems
  • Impress your patients by showing the artistry that goes into perfecting their new teeth and smile
  • Samples given so your patients can see and feel the difference to the cheap alternatives (especially for anteriors where the difference is outstanding)
  • On time, every time delivery
  • Relationship building and invaluable advice given – a second opinion
  • Refer your patients for implants, All-on-4ever and complex cases
  • Be totally confident in our multi-level laboratory and dental studios
  • Give your patients the absolute highest quality in crowns, veneers and dentures
  • Give your patients the highest-quality options in dentistry
  • Increase your market share
  • Open into a middle to high-end market, which gives your patients more options rather than a ‘yes ‘or ‘no’ choice
  • Work on quality over quantity and increase your profit-to-time ratio
  • Increase your sales on pre-treatment whitening and aftercare/maintenance offerings
  • Option to have a link to our laboratory of excellence on your website
  • Great referral laboratory for referring complex soft tissue cases

Waiting list
Due to the time it takes to create high-quality crowns, veneers and bridgework, there is currently a waiting list for outbound services. Please register your interest by emailing or calling 01285 821 220.

What we offer in a nutshell

  • The highest available standards of technology
  • Digital colour matching
  • Top-quality craftsmanship
  • Crowns and veneers on time, every time
  • Clear terms and conditions on warranties
  • Referrals for implants, All-on-4evers, occlusion, endodontics and complex cases
  • Vita Master Technician available for your use here or at your surgery (£300 per hour)
  • Surgery space available for you to work at the facility with use of our support team
  • 24-hour door drop-off service available (free within 10 miles or £30 delivery into Gloucestershire)

Fast-track service

All-ceramic substructures can be produced in-house in as little as two hours for alumina bridges. This will require a 30% fee increase – we find patients are happy to pay it.


  • Integral crowns and abutments with perfect emergence and screw-retained using milled blocks for tiny screw hole access
  • Porcelain supported by zirconia, alumina (Procera™), (e.max™), milled ceramics (Cerec™ in-lab) and metal as well as enamel shells
  • Anything from single crowns and bridges to veneers and All-on-4
  • Composite work using GC Gradia™ including onlays, inlays, veneers, crowns and bridges
  • Soft tissue in porcelain or composite
  • Surgery visits for shades and fitting
  • Sirona Cerec system at your disposal when operating from these premises
  • Shade-taking using photography and Shade Vision™

Excellence prevails where passion persists

  • Our ambition is to recreate teeth as natural as the real thing
  • We aim for our work to be an invisible replacement while creating brilliance in quality, structure and texture
  • Fitting requires colours, impressions, facial pictures, age, description of look required – a full picture

We have a combined experience of over 50 years and on-going investment in the latest technology:

  • We always keep up with technological advancements and choose which ones to follow through research experience and facts
  • Vita is at the forefront of all-ceramic technology – so that’s what we use
  • Our alloy casting machine and milling machine mean we can guarantee the highest accuracy in casting and milling
  • Digital CAD/CAM technology is used to produce substructures and crowns
  • We use the latest milling techniques and devices
  • Composite and porcelain combination work greatly enhances the aesthetics of soft tissue where appropriate
  • All metal casting is done under vacuum using precious bio-compatible metals that are porous and stress-free
  • All metal bridges are split-cast and then soldered
  • Our comprehensive database allows instant portfolio retrieval
  • All workstations feature 20 times magnification
  • Our dentures utilise comprehensive clasp hiding systems for ultimate aesthetics
  • Patients may come for repairs on-site
  • Remedial treatments are available for implants
  • When complications arise, our clinicians are equipped for the following:
  • Failure
  • Implantitis
  • Bone failure – biological, graft, augmentation
  • Failure following treatment abroad – assessment recommended




If you have any questions or you would like to visit the facility, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer on-site training for dentists and advice and services for many purposes such as patients with implant failure.

Please register your interest by emailing or calling 01285 821 220.