The great thing about coming to us as your dentist in Gloucester, is you can make a boring, mundane task such as attending your dental check-up, an enjoyable one. Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios is no ordinary dental clinic. When you visit us, you will find a large converted barn, situated in the beautiful Cotswolds.

Dentist in GloucesterWhy not make a day of it, and explore the stunning scenery that surrounds us? You can turn a tedious task into a fun day out. People from all over chose to visit the dentist in Gloucester, to have their check-up and give themselves a little break. Many of our patients like to stay in the local four-star spa hotel.

Time for check-ups

So now you can begin to look forward to going to the dentist, when will we see you? The number of times people need to get their teeth checked varies from person to person. The average amount is every six months, however, people also come more often for thorough cleanings. People prone to gum disease may also need to make more regular trips. We are also here for you if you are thinking of enhancing the aesthetics of your teeth through cosmetic makeovers.

At your check-up, your dentist will check your general oral health. Appointments are important to attend as dentists can spot early signs of oral cancer or gum disease when examining the teeth, tongue, gums, and cheeks.

You will then have your teeth thoroughly cleaned, and any plaque or tartar lingering on the teeth will be removed. There are some nooks and crannies in the teeth that the toothbrush just won’t reach. Dental cleans prevent oral disease by stopping plaque building up. Your dentist will then advise on any cleaning techniques to help keep your teeth healthy and happy before your next trip to the dentist in Gloucester.

Additional treatments

On top of general check-ups, we offer a broad range of treatments from dental implants to wedding whitening. We aim to find solutions for all your dental-related wants and needs, including headaches and jaw clenching, missing teeth and cosmetic treatment. Whatever you need, we want to hear from you and help you come to a suitable and satisfactory solution.