We’ve all heard astonishing statistics about work days – and money – lost to illnesses, but you might not have known that headaches – ranging from tension and stress headaches to chronic and cluster varieties and particularly migraines – produce their own incredible figures: 25 million working days lost every year, to the tune of around £7 billion.

With an estimated two per cent of the world’s population suffering from regular migraines, it’s serious business – or rather a lack of it. Even the humble headache is a formidable force that puts people down on productivity and up on work absence. Another fact many people don’t realise is that the causes of these headaches are frequently dental: from malocclusion – where the upper and lower jaws don’t bite together properly – to the relentless pain and discomfort caused by temporomandibular disorder (quite the mouthful just to say), these conditions are a constant source of misery for those who suffer from them.

But there is a solution: dentist Dr. Vasile Pana at the Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios (ICDS) has a particular interest in full mouth rehabilitation and occlusion, with many years of experience in successfully treating these problems and helping countless sufferers to make their pain a thing of the past, often with non-invasive treatment. Options include correcting occlusion temporarily through different types of bite appliances, or permanently through occlusal equilibration/adjustment, orthodontics, or custom-made restorative work such as crowns. Muscle stimulation through physiotherapy procedures can help too.

ICDS, set in the beautiful village of Miserden, was already a multi-award-winning practice before Dr. Pana joined, but with a renewed and refreshed team of clinicians and technicians who place patient care and comfort as their highest priority, ICDS is positioning itself as Gloucestershire’s premier practice for patients in pain. Using the state-of-the-art Planmeca ProMax 3D imaging device, Dr. Pana can digitally reproduce the entire upper and lower jaw, which can help him to diagnose the source of any pain and discomfort.

ICDS invests as much in technology as it does in expert personnel: along with a new management team, Dr. Pana is joined by implantologist Dr. Bita Craig; Mr Tim May who devotes himself to patient care and especially complex cosmetic cases; Dr. Carelyn Gore is an expert in smile makeovers and cosmetic dentistry; and award-winning hygienist and therapist, Bee, is always on hand to keep patients’ mouths clean and clear. The new practice manager, Joanne Reynolds, and patient liaison manager Carly Jones help to ensure patients enjoy a stress- and pain-free visit and leave with confidence in their new, revitalised smiles.

ICDS has everything covered. From full-mouth rehabilitation to same-day implant treatments, and everything in between, visit www.ceramiccentre.co.uk to see how ICDS could put an end to your pain and give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Call: 01285 821 220 for a complimentary consultation